Shaman King FLOWERS Chapter 15 Review

This is the chapter we’ve all been waiting for, the plot explanation chapter! We finally get to know what this Flower of Maize is all about. And it looks extremely promising!

So the chapter starts where we left of last time: Gakko slicing Hana in half with his Oni Slicer Knife “DIVA”. The thing is he only slices his Oni Over Soul thing. It is then revealed that Gakko’s guardian ghost is a girl. Hana wakes up to them fighting and thinks they are flirting with teach other. For some reason he gets angry and turns into an Oni again. At that point Alumi comes by and shoots Hana with her special beans.

After a ton of shit between Hana, Alumi, Gakko and Nama-hage Alumi starts explaining the whole Flower of Maize thing. When Hao became the 8th Shaman King, the other Gods (Shaman Kings) were not happy about him and judged him negatively. When three or more Gods raise a complaint to them they will hold something called a G8 Summit. That Summit will decide the fate of our planet. But instead of the Gods themselves fighting it out, they let teams of humans fight it out. As Alumi calls it “Sort of an after Shaman Fight”.

The 8 Gods.

So basically each God will have a team of humans to fight in this tournament to decide which God was right in their argument. Sounds awesome! It’ll be just like the original Shaman King, a giant shaman tournament!

So after explaining the F.o.M. Alumi goes home because she is afraid to catch a cold (she came from a public bath, her hair is probably still wet) and the last thing she says is that “the battle has already started”, showing a flashback where Hana and Alumi meet for the first time. Oh and we also see some vague shot of probably Ren Tao’s son.

DAMN what an awesome chapter! We finally get to know what the F.o.M. is all about. I can’t wait until it really starts and we get to see some fights.

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