Shaman King FLOWERS Chapter 17 Review

This month’s Shaman King FLOWERS chapter is an awesome one! Lots of action and even a very special guest!

So first I’ll give you a quick summary. Chapter 16 ended with Men fighting the two Egyptian guys with his spirits Bason and Shamash. He ends up executing them with a giant Shamash O.S.. Hana who seems to be nearby notices the O.S. and yells “WHAT IS THAT GIANT THING?”, catching the attention of Men. Men, who is out to kill Hana immediately attacks him with one fatal blow, but fortunately for Hana Gakko followed him and jumps between them just in time, saving Hana from being killed. Men then knocks out Gakko with an attack with his Bason O.S. calles Chao Malong (Super Horse Dragon).  Then out of nowhere Yohane steps in and tries to attack Shamash with his O.S., but he is too slow and gets fastened to a torture device. Hana then goes berserk and summons his inner oni’s.

He then breaks Shamash’s O.S. with his oni power. He also remembers Men from a long time ago when Ren showed him off to Yoh, Horohoro, Lyserg, Chocolove and the rest of the old characters. He questions why he didn’t remember any of that before. At that time Hao appears and tells him that “someone obviously erased them”.

It is then revealed that Hana died from using his Oni powers and that he and Hao are already inside the Great Spirit. Hao will only bring him back to life on one condition and that condition is…

…that he must defeat a younger version of Yoh (hist father)!

WOW! What an epic chapter, lots of action and we get to see a younger version of Yoh! Man, I can’t wait to see the fight between Hana and him. Will Hana fight with his oni powers since Amidamaru has been taken? Is Yoh just a replica created by the Shaman King, or is it the real Yoh? All of these questions… I cannot wait for next month!

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