Top 10 Manga Series

Here’s my top 10 Manga Series.

1. Hunter x Hunter – The best shonen series I’ve ever read. It’s sad to see that it’s on hiatus right now.
2. Shaman King – The first manga series I’ve ever read, and it’s so goddamn good.
3. Slam Dunk - The legendary basketball shonen by Takehiko Inoue.
4. 20th/21st Century Boys - A superb thriller by the best thriller mangaka of Japan, Naoki Urasawa.
5. Shaman King FLOWERS - A sequel to Shaman King.
6. Bakuman - Awesome slice of life manga by the creators of Death Note about making manga.
7. Dragon Ball Z - The classic shonen series.
8. Vagabond – Truly epic samurai series with the best art I’ve ever seen in manga.
9. Attack on Titan – I don’t think I need to say anything about this series.
10. Kuroko no Basuke - Amazing basketball manga.

Honorable mentions:
- Toriko Really good so far but I’m only at volume 6 right now.
- One Piece The most popular manga around. Haven’t got time to read it yet.
- BLEACH The last arc has been surprisingly good so far.

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