Sustain the Industry July Preview

So I just ordered my manga volumes for my Sustain the Industry/Manga Haul for July. I’m not going to tell what I exactly got, but here are some hints:

  • Volumes of a super rare out of print seinen series.
  • A 2-in-1 volume of a recently reprinted manga.
  • Volumes of a incredibly popular basketball manga.
  • I will have 600 manga volumes when I get my packages.

So that’s it for today’s post. My next post will be the link to the Sustain the Industry video!

Hunter x Hunter Review Part 1: Hunter Exam Arc and Zoldyck Family Arc

Welcome to my review of Hunter x Hunter: my favorite shonen series of all time! This is the first of five parts in which I review the whole series released until now. This’ll be the schedule:

  • Part 1: Hunter Exam Arc and Zoldyck Family Arc [vols. 1-5]
  • Part 2: Heavens Arena Arc and Yorknew City Arc [vols. 5-13]
  • Part 3: Greed Island Arc [vols. 13-18]
  • Part 4: Chimera Ant Arc [vols. 18-30]
  • Part 5: 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc and Dark Continent Expedition Arc [vols. 30-32]


Now onto the review:

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